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Ultraseal High Temp HEPA Filters

Commercial / Industrial Replacement Filters

Up to 500 Deg F

(260 Deg C)

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Northland Ultraseal High Temperature HEPA filters are designed to meet the critical filtration requirements of a wide range of applications where airborne contaminants can cause damage in manufacturing processes, equipment, or may cause health hazards.

Use where temperatures are above the operating limits of standard HEPA filters.

Ultraseal High Temperature filters will maintain maximum efficiency at temperatures of 500°F (260°C) continuously.

Ultraseal High Temperature filters are constructed with either .050 thick aluminum or18 gauge stainless steel frames.

The filter pack consists of a continuous sheet of pleated glass micro-fiber media. Corrugated aluminum separators maintain controlled pleat spacing.

Both edges of the separators are hemmed to guard against media damage. A box type pleat is utilized which allows the separator to nest in the bottom of the pleat minimizing the chance of media damage from the peaks of the corrugation. The filter pack, face guard and frame sides are potted to the frame top and bottom with high temperature RTV silicone sealant.

The pack is secured to the vertical frame sides using the same sealant. The frame top, bottom and sides are also fastened mechanically for additional strength. A silicone rubber gasket is supplied standard on one side.

Ultraseal High Temperature filters are certified to be a minimum of 99.97% @ 0.3 µm particles. Each filter is individually tested in accordance with Mil Standard 282. The test results, as to percent penetration and airflow resistance, are marked on each filter.
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