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Supracell ASHRAE Cells

Northland Filter International offers High Efficiency Filters available in: 60-65% 80-85%, & 90-95% efficiencies as tested by ASHRAE Standard 52.1-1992.

Only materials that meet our stringent quality standards are utilized. All manufacturing steps are continually monitored to insure that every filter will perform as expected.

The media is inherently suited for high humidity applications and intermittent exposure to water, such as condensate blowoff from cooling coils. The water is temporarily absorbed by the media and then is evaporated into the airstream.

These filters are available in particleboard or metal frames with single or double header, double turned flange (DTF) or box styles. Depending on the framing system, these filters are either UL900, Class 1 or 2. The rigid separator type filter will provide superior filtration performance in difficult operating conditions resulting in improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

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