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Northland Filter Can Supply Efficiencies of 99.97, 99.99 , or 99.999 and most any size that you may need for gel seal type filters in Metal or wood style frames

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Gel seal style filters have a channel in the cell side containing a non-flowing, non-hardening urethane gel sealant. The knife edge on the framing system penetrates the gel to seal the filter and prevent leakage.

Reverse gel seal filters are used in permanently installed ducted ceiling modules designed to accept a replaceable HEPA filter. Northland filters are available for all major brands of ceiling modules.

Reverse gel seal filters have the gel filled channel located at the back of the upstream side of the filter. This position of the channel allows the filter to fit up into the housing to minimize overall depth of the unit and provide a flush, clean appearance. The knife edge on the housing penetrates the gel to seal the filter. Access to the filter is from the room side of the unit.

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