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Ultraseal HEPA Filters

Commercial / Industrial Replacement Filters

Certified Efficiencies:

• 99.97%

• 99.99%

• 99.999%

Northland Ultraseal Filters are HEPA filters certified to be a minimum of 99.97%, 99.99%, or 99.999% on 0.3μm per Mil. Standard 282.

Ultraseal filters are available in a variety of framing materials, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and particleboard.

Frame types include DTF (double turned flange), single and double-header, box, groove seal, reverse groove seal, and C-style in metal.

In wood, frame styles include box, groove seal, single and double-header.

Three flow rates are available to meet varying fan capacities, Standard, Low Resistance, and High Capacity

The standard models can be utilized up to 220ºF (104ºC), and 100% RH.

A High Temperature version is available for temperatures up to 500 ºF (260ºC) for prices call our toll free number.

Northland Ultraseal HEPA filters are designed to meet the critical filtration requirements where airborne contaminants can cause damage in manufacturing processes, equipment, or may cause health hazards.

Only materials that meet our stringent quality standards are utilized. All manufacturing steps are closely monitored to insure that every filter will perform as expected.


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