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Degradation pressure – 15”WG. At this pressure the filter efficiency begins to decrease.

Blow out pressure – 25”WG. This pressure is where structural damage will occur.

SupraCell filters are designed to fit standard filter frames and side access housings.

Due to the use of single duo-phase media, it is important that the filter be installed in the proper direction of airflow.

For ease of installation, directions of airflow labels have been installed on both sides of the filter. The filter is simply removed from the holding frame or side access housing and disposed of when the final pressure drop has been reached, requiring only a minimum of maintenance time.


Northland SupraCell NRM cartridges chosen at random have been put to rigorous laboratory testing by Air Filter Testing Laboratories, Inc., Kentucky, USA. The next few pages of this catalogue have been devoted to printing actual testing results of Northland cartridges by AFTL establishing total suitability of Northland cartridges for rotating machinery air-intake.

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