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Permanent Type Filters

Northland Filter International offers a complete line of washable filters with extra strong framing. These long lasting filters are offered in aluminum or galvanized steel. Whether it's for an air conditioning unit or an exhaust hood, northland can supply you with the filter you need for your application.

Perma Flow filters are made of a permanent, washable hog-hair type media in a no. 22 gauge galvanized metal U frame, with high resistance laths on each side.
Eze Flow



The Eze Flow filter's frame is similar to the Perma Flow's frame. The difference can be found in the internal material, which is constructed from multiple layers of woven aluminum screen overlaid at 60 degrees from each other. This unusual process lets dirt load deep into the filter's crevices rather than just on the surface, thus allowing for greater dust holding capacity, which in turn leads to longer periods between filter cleanings.

High temperature applications: the Eze Flow filter meets Class 1 specifications.


Baffle Filters

Designed to keep grease from depositing and building up in exhaust hoods. Unlike conventional mesh type filters, grease is collected from the air exhausted from the cooking area and runs down the vertical baffles to drainage holes, where it drops into troughs that lead to the collection can. The staggered, interlocking design of its baffle plates prevents flash flame from penetrating the plenum and ductwork.

The baffle filter is offered with optional bail or lock handles to comply with specific building or health codes requiring filters to be locked to the exhaust hood
  • Aluminum with metal frame (galvanized)
  • Low Resistance
  • Efficient
  • Permanent
  • Aluminum frame available

For use in: ventilation and air conditioning systems, air conditioners, residential hot air and A/C central units, range hoods.

The Alumi Flow filter is made of aluminum foil expanded from various thicknesses into a number of different patterns.

Through an exclusive manufacturing process, the layers are then bonded together to form a baffle type design.

Lint, grease and dust become trapped on hundreds of adhesive coated baffle surfaces without risk of pressure loss or clogging. The Alumi Flow’s performance is efficient from 300 to 600 fpm air velocity.
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