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Control-Pack Bag Filters

Medium and High Efficiency Bag Filters


  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Industries
  • Institutions

Control-Packs are a wide expansion bag filter, consisting of a number of individual bags linked together in a metal frame. When installed in a ventilation system, the bags fill up with air for maximum efficiency and more dust retention capacity.

Available efficiency levels are 45%, 65%, 85% and 95%, in a choice of over 120 models. When air quality is critical, there is a Control-Pack filter to do the job. Control-Pack filters can be used in any existing system.

Using a Control-Pack filter offers many advantages:

  • Maximum performance
  • Enhanced dust retention capacity
  • Longer lasting
  • Better air quality
  • Available in 4 efficiency levels
  • Interchangeable design


This synthetic micro-fiber filter can withstand high velocities. Use it to upgrade commercial and industrial installations.


Designed to provide high efficiency filtration, this synthetic micro-fiber filter is suitable for areas where cleaner air is required.

PINK 85%

Low overall resistance and high efficiency make this filter a popular choice for most applications.


This ultra-high efficiency synthetic micro-fiber filter collects minute particles in environments where clean air is crucial such as in hospitals and laboratories.

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