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P.S.B.S. disposable panel filters

A Disposable Panel Filter with Internal Wire Frame


Uses: The P.S.B.S. disposable filter is designed for air filtration in all HVAC systems. It will fit most frames without clips or other retaining devices. This type of filter is popular in hotel wall units for instance.

Features: The logic behind this filter's design becomes obvious when you hold one. The overcut pad of polyester media extends from and covers the wire frame that forms its actual size. Anyone who needs to replace it will appreciate its quick and easy installation. This type of filter also offers about 40% less shipping weight and cuts storage space since it offers twice the compressibility of regular filters.


DB - DBL - P.S.B.T. disposable panel filters

A Disposable Panel Filter with Internal Wire Frame

Available in 2 categories

  • Single panel
  • Linked panels


Humidity resistant

Polyester media

Self-sealing design


DB and DBL filters are made of two layers of high-density synthetic fiber on a wire frame.

First, a dry layer traps large and medium size particles upon entry. Then a tacky layer retains the smallest particles upon exit.

This filter panel offers superior air quality in a number of operating conditions. In addition, these panels are designed to resist humidity. The two layers of media are sewn all around to prevent any air bypass along the frame.
This type of filter is particularly economical in terms of storage as it offers much greater compressibility compared to regular filters. DB and DBL filters are easily installed in 1-inch and 2-inch slots. They require no fastening devices as they are linked.
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