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Northland Filter International can supply V-bank filters for any of your special filter application needs



Ultraseal-V 2000
2200 CFM @.92

Northland Ultraseal-V 2000 applications include

  • Medical facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor facilities
  • Food processing plants
Many other applications requiring ultra clean air and critical performance

The Northland Ultraseal-V 2000 provides high-efficiency HEPA grade performance for high air flow applications at significantly lower pressure drops and more than double the media surface area of conventional box style filters.


NORDOL-V Filters efficiencies;

99.7% of 2 microns. Nominal capacity: 3000 SCFM at 0.90" W.C. pressure differential.

T hese filters are available in a variety of framing materials including aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

NORDOL-V Filters are designed to replace the Dollinger Final Stage filters in air intake housings and compressed air systems.

  • Eight high-efficiency media packs in a V-bank design optimizes the filter for low configuration loss and optimum airflow
  • The media is a Non-flammable, waterproofed treated micro fiberglass, and folded into pleats using a controlled process ensuring constant spacing of the pleats.
  • The Galvanized steel frame has a special universal mounting bracket.
  • The filter has galvanized mesh face-guards installed on the downstream side.
  • There is a pull-strap installed on the upstream side of the filter.
  • A neoprene-sealing gasket is included on the downstream and upstream sides of the filter to form a positive seal upon installation filter.
  • Filter is able to withstand over 25 " W.C. pressure differential.
Supracell V Mini-pleat

Reduce Operating Cost

  • Error Free Installation
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Resists Water
  • Reduce Disposal Cost
  • Lower Air Flow Resistance
  • Higher Air Flow Capacity

The Supracell V is the newest product from the Northland family of Rigid High

Efficiency Air Filters. This latest design combines a wide range of particulate collection while lowering the airflow resistance, providing higher filtration performance and lowering operating cost.

The Supracell V provides you with error free installation because the pleats can be presented to the airflow in either the vertical or horizontal position or in either airflow direction.

The Supracell V is currently available in three ASHRAE rated efficiency ranges.

These include 65%, 85%, 95%, also available in 95% DOP.

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